Enhanced diagnostics where you need it. 


Ultimate Convenience and Care

The NOMAD 75kV™ handheld X-ray creates unlimited possibilities for veterinary diagnostic imaging. With the capability to take X-rays faster in a wide variety of settings, and because it allows the operator  the NOMAD 75kV is perfect for: 

  • Home Visits
  • Anxious or panicked animals
  • Sedated or otherwise immobilized animals
  • Both outdoor and indoor treatment areas, as well as mobile vet
  • Special events such as fairs, rodeos, or other animal competitions

Flexible Applications

The NOMAD 75kV can be used in a wide range of applications. With its compact, 11lb (5kg) body, it can be used wherever needed by trained personnel to create high-quality images for security, forensic, and other forms of non-destructive material testing.

(X-rays on the right were imaged with the NOMAD 75kV and a digital sensor plate)


Compact Design

The NOMAD 75kV handheld X-ray is designed for flexibility and control to make sure you capture the image you need. Features include: 


Simple controls

Easy to learn, the NOMAD 75kV is ready to use in minutes. Quickly adjust exposure time and initiate X-rays.



Fully Adjustable Collimation

Adjustment rings control horizontal and vertical shutters to adjust the size of the X-ray field. 



Light Field

Indicates the exposure area for the patient. When the red laser dot is aligned with the middle of the reticle, the NOMAD 75kV X-ray source is the optimum 28" (71.12 cm) from the subject. 



Rechargeable Battery

The NOMAD 75kV comes with two batteries and a charger to ensure that the device is always ready to go. Each battery can take  over a hundred images on one charge so you never have to worry about where you can go with the NOMAD.